Literature on SeraSeal:

“Our analysis suggests that SeraSeal has a strong potential to reduce transfusion requirements in pediatric craniosynostosis surgery”
  • Efficacy and safety of bovine activated factors IIa/VIIa/IXa/Xa in patients with active gastrointestinal bleeding: a proof of concept
“Our proof of concept study suggests that the use of bovine activated factors IIa/VIIa/IXa/Xa might be a safe and effective addition to current endoscopic hemostatic strategies”


Case studies:


Quotes on “flowable hemostats”:

“During surgery, advanced hemostatic agents possess advantages, such as diminution of blood loss, reduction of the need for blood transfusion, avoidance of the need for systemic hemostatic drugs, and shorter duration of stay in the operating room. These benefits can potentially reduce length of stay in the hospital and decrease the cost of care. It has been postulated that clinical efficacy of an advanced flowable hemostatic matrix compared with a non-flowable topical hemostat (…) was associated with a more significant reduction in time to hemostasis and greater control of bleeding by reducing patient blood loss” ref.