SeraSeal (trademark by Wortham Laboratories) is superior versus any other hemostat including other existing flowable hemostats, because it:

  • builds a clot faster (within seconds)
  • builds a strong clot from clotting factors on agar/gel scaffolding. (ref. mechanism)
  • is ready-to-use (zero preparation steps), just take it out of the package and apply
  • can be returned to the freezer 10x if not used, providing optimal flexibility in usage
  • comes in 1,5 ml, 3 ml and 5 ml vials, further augmenting your flexibility in usage and reducing waste of unused product to practically zero
  • unlike competition, does not require mixing of components to be used within 2 hours. SeraSeal maintains initial effectiveness for 24 hours
  • is transparent, hence provides optimal visibility in e.g. CNS surgery sites
  • does not expand, so can be used in compartmentalized procedures

Please review our references.

Our analysis suggests that SeraSeal has a strong potential to reduce transfusion requirements in pediatric craniosynostosis surgery”

Reduction of transfusion requirements in pediatric craniosynostosis surgery by a new local hemostatic agent.

J. Craniomaxillofac Surg. 2016 Sept; 44(9):1246-51