SurgePro B.V. is created by the following professionals:

Anton Pruijssers

Anton Pruijssers

With over 25 years of experience in the commercial healthcare sector,  Anton created and manages SurgePro B.V. He gained his global experience with reknowned organisations like BM/Roche Diagnostics, Hitachi PHVC, InTec Products and other organisations as a consultant and interim manager.

Anton holds a Master in Science (of Human Movement) degree  (exercise physiology /biochemistry) as well as a Master of Business Administration degree, from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and the Rotterdam School of Management in Rotterdam, respectively.

He loves all kinds of music and watersports and his 5 kids

  • Multiple associated interim managers and independent specialists, ad hoc
  • John Pruijssers: clears the books and arranges external reporting
  • Joris Kramer of  Emazing: Website development


  • Jan van den Boer: commercial and all-round advisor